I am a Melbourne interior design student and have just started a Diploma of Commercial Arts (Interior Design & Decoration).  It’s something I probably should have done a long time ago, but thought I would take a sensible ‘business’ route instead. I have left the full-time game to explore an area for which I feel a great pull. Where this journey takes me, I am not really concerned at the moment, because three weeks in, I’m loving it. My eyes and ears are wide open.

As I keep saying to friends and family who ask how I’m going so far, I cannot get my head around the fact that I am studying concepts such as colour, drawing techniques, furnishings and floor plans. As a former Business Marketing student, I am accustomed to sitting in a packed out lecture theatre listening to the theories of macro and/or microeconomics. If the first few weeks are any indicator, it’s going to be an intense year,  as there’s a huge amount of work, but somehow it doesn’t actually feel like ‘work’ in the traditional sense, which excites me.

Late last year I decided to leave my much-loved job working in Operations for a luxury cruise expedition company which I had moved to Sydney for, and go back to study when I realised that even though I had a great job, with great perks and many opportunities to grow, I was still not ultimately happy and creatively fulfilled. I admitted to myself that I needed to immerse myself in a creative world with interesting and inspiring people, if I was ever going to be completely content with my professional life. And so, with a few (actually many) ‘is this going to work for me?’ thoughts running through my mind, I packed up my beautiful art deco tree house in Sydney and moved back to Melbourne. After all, Melbourne is where it’s at….

I shouldn’t have worried. As I said, its early days, but I know, I can feel that this is the right path for me. Already I have met some warm, approachable and incredibly successful creative types who have been forthcoming in offering advice and ideas, which is very heartening.

As so, my blog will really be a journey through this year of study; what I am learning, the amazing designers, stylists, business owners and generally creative people I am meeting, what’s inspiring me, interesting projects that I am working on, and every random thought in between.


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