Wedding Fairytale at Deux Belettes

I will never say no to an invitation to Byron Bay, and this invitation was extra special. A very good girlfriend, the first one in our group, married her beautiful partner at the breathtaking Deux Belettes in the Byron Bay Hinterland.

Of course I was excited to see the bride, who was absolutely divine in a figure hugging lace gown, but as we were on the bus I was excitedly anticipating the property which I was told by many people was ‘amaaazing’.  They were not fibbing, a 16th century French style château (if only we had so much heritage!), Deux Belettes was very impressive.

The owner obviously practices articulate attention to detail and I could appreciate the time and dedication it would have taken to acquire all the furniture, accessories and plan the layout.  There were many nooks and cranny’s to visit and have a quiet champagne away from the main group. I excused myself from the group and did my own little mosey around. It is French inspired but the terracotta colours used reminded me a bit more of Tuscany. It gave me many ideas for any design work I may be involved in, in Greece (see previous posts!).

It was a very special place to be, made even more meaningful by the beautiful ceremony and emotion of the evening. As you can see from the photos, I’m sure you’ll agree this was a magical setting for the newlyweds to say I do.


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