Unfortunately due to our little side trip to Greece, I missed most of the London Design Festival. However, I did make it to Decorex, which I’m just going to claim was the highlight! Just the fact is set in the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital was drawcard enough.

Not to discount our trade fairs at home, but the Brits and I can only assume Europeans really know how to throw an impressive event; from the reception area to the restaurant areas and even the toilets. The main exhibitors were fabric houses, furniture wholesalers, flooring companies, a few interior designers and a many lighting suppliers. It was unbelievable, and I was blown away by the variety and quality of fabrics. I just want to collect chairs so I can reupholster them in the gorgeous designs I saw.

Honestly, it made me so excited for what lies ahead when I have real clients and real projects to work on. I know it’s not all glamour, but there will be some! There was some fabulous looking people walking around, and of course sipping champagne at the central champagne bar made entirely from recycled timber; chipwood, cardboard and cork. I spied one seemingly conservative business man who sneakily showed his personality with some hot pink socks that could only be seen when sitting down. Love the little details.

After having just completed an assignment which involved designing an exhibition space at a design fair, it was timely to visit such a fabulous one with some seriously impressively designed stands. My favourite was Clarke & Clarke which was set out as a workshop, complete with workstations displaying their wares. It was all timber palettes and really made visitors feel like they were part of the design process. Naturally this stand was packed.

Aside from Decorex, I also visited Tricia Guild’s textile Mecca in the Kings Road. By that stage my boyfriend’s interest was waning, so I didn’t stay long, but long enough to understand that fabric is obviously one of my downfalls.

I cannot express how happy I am to be back in London. I am now experiencing it with a new perspective thanks to the architectural and interior history I have learned during my course so far.


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