Back to Greece

A surprise visit to Kefalonia last week reaffirmed my love of the place and gave me a different view of the beautiful island. A more autumnal view, with the sun sitting a little lower, showing it in a slightly different but equally beautiful light.

It was only a fleeting visit, so I didn’t have time to discover any new gems, but the overland trip from Kefalonia to Athens revealed some beautiful mountainous scenery.

The highlight of my time in Athens was our rooftop visit to A for Athens, which overlooked the main square and of course the Acropolis. Staring at such an imposing relic from ancient times conjured up the romance of the Greek Gods and Goddesses which I have been told animatedly about by my proud Greek boyfriend!

A trip to the Acropolis Museum (which is a must when visiting Athens) can convince anyone of the greatness of Greece and cements their place as the true pioneers of architecture. Having learned about the different types of columns in class – Doric, Corinthian & Ionic – and having spent many backbreaking hours trying to sketch one of the towering Corinthian columns of the State Library of Victoria, it was mesmerising to see the original columns of Grecian architecture.

Whilst visiting Glyfada on a lazy Sunday afternoon; a very upmarket, seemingly tight knit area and community showing no signs of the crisis, with many oh so chic cafes and bars, I spotted Fiori. I can spot a homewares store a mile off. I dragged the other half for a visit, who to his credit was sufficiently interested. Here I found many indoor and outdoor flowerpots, furniture, crockery, lanterns and the like. The Greeks do flower and plant pots exceptionally well, and Fiori didn’t disappoint.

Next was London.


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