Lighting, ArchiCAD & Kitchens

I’ve been MIA for a while and have only just realised that my last post was a long time ago. The reason being I am knee deep in assignments, but the light of tunnel is definitely nearing. That light being my month-long trip to London and Greece in mid September 🙂 Yes, I’m heading back to Kefalonia for a few days!

This semester I’ve learnt about the importance of lighting a space, how artificial light and natural light offer different pro’s and cons. Once you delve into lighting you can get a little lost and overwhelmed. There’s general/ambient lighting, accent or spot lighting, task lighting…the list goes on. There are so many elements to consider; the Kelvin rating (whether the light is a warm white or a cool white), the beam spread, the Colour Rendering Index (how well the light will reflect the colour of the items/surfaces it is illuminating), the wattage, the lumens (how bright). That’s not even considering which type of light to use; halogen (being phased out), LED’s or flourescent (appropriate for the majority of applications) or even fibre optics. As we all know, incandescent lights have been phased out.

I have also designed a kitchen this semester which was a huge but enjoyable challenge. Again, once you get into the nitty gritty of the elements of a kitchen there is a huge amount to consider, and I’m not just talking about design. Little things like handles make a huge difference. Which way should the doors open? What drawer mechanisms will you use? My ‘client’ wanted an industrial Asian fusion look, so I went to town with the red. Here is the finished product.

In Building Studies we were introduced to the tedious but obviously necessary world of building regulations as set forth by The Building Council of Australia. The major assignment for this subject was to choose a small room and make three structural changes. I chose my bathroom and decided to rip out the bath and install a shower, build cabinetry under the existing floating basin and to remove a tiny little storage cabinet. The implications of these changes and associated regulations needed to be investigated. I really enjoyed this subject and producing drawings of my design on CAD.

Talking of CAD (Computer Assisted Design), in this instance we are using ArchiCAD, this little (or big actually) project has changed my design world! It takes me, as a (soon to be) design professional to the next level. It is a truly amazing feeling to be able to create a 3D model of your design electronically. I can’t wait to learn more.

Lots more, but don’t want to bore you with  a blow by blow run down of my assignments!

Just three weeks until London. I have set up meetings with a number of different design professionals, who I am jumping out of my skin to meet. I may even be going on a shoot with Interior Stylist, Elkie Brown. OMG X1000 🙂


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