Assos – Paradise Found

The historical, picturesque little village of Assos, Kefalonia is my favourite place in Kefalonia. As a largely ‘neutral’ orientated person, I sometimes shy away from colour, but Assos proves that this is a big mistake!

As you make the scenic coastal drive from Argostoli, past the famed Myrtos beach, Assos, almost its own island, juts out of the of mainland on an isthmus. Making the steep decent into Assos, past the tinkling goats grazing on the road side, you quickly get a sense that this place is very special.

I was lucky enough to go there with someone very special who has a deep connection with Assos, so I was treated to a local perspective and hospitality. I was even shown a turn-of-the-century Ford, which I was told with immense pride was one of the first cars on the island. It was very special to be privy to such history. It now rests, a prized possession, a family heirloom.

I stayed at Braunis Horio, a charming and luxurious collection of private villas, built into the hillside overlooking Assos. We stayed at Villa Eleni, with a private pool thank you very much. Walking around the resort, taking pictures of the countless pots, plants, vines, doors and flowers, it was clear that whichever villa you stayed at, the view was something to behold.

With the 16th century Assos Castle perched on the hill ahead, the colourful village down to the left and the searing cliffs and sea to the right, each view was unique and heavenly in its own right. As the light faded and the sun began to fall, the colour of the sky over the Ionian sea took my breath away. I felt completely still and peaceful.

If you ever visit Kefalonia, do not less Assos pass you by.

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