The Carmichael’s, Mark Tuckey and other random fodder

I haven’t posted for a while. I have been completely and utterly bogged down with homework. I have seven assignments on the go, one which is particularly intense. So, I have now accepted that my weekends are no more.

Although, the shining light at the end of this intense, all-encompassing tunnel is the fact there are only three weeks of college to go before I jet off to Kefalonia, Greece to catch up with my mum and stepdad at their new villa (check out my previous post for details). I have also scored some work experience with various people over there including an interior designer (how lucky am I!). And of course there is a wedding to style (my mum’s, again refer to above post). So, don’t be too jealous, it won’t be all lazing round the pool sipping the beautiful Gentilini rose.

Back to reality and the pressing requirements of the Carmichael’s residence. Mention the word Carmichael’s to any of my class mates, and dread creeps over their face. We have all been breathing, living and dreaming the Carmichael’s for the past six weeks.

Peter & Ellen Carmichael have commissioned me (I wish) to design their living/dining area. I have decided they have a love of aboriginal and Melanesian art, which has influenced the look, complete with a feature wall of their 12-strong didgeridoo collection. It all sounds a bit random on paper, but I think it will come together. It’s due next Monday, and I feel like I’m on track, but at the same time do feel under the pump. I have gone for a natural, clean look with beiges, blues and oranges, with a hint of mid-century with the Parker table and chairs, as well as a Bruno Matthson’s Eva Mi 472 Easy Chair. I’ll give you the full run down of the finished project next week.

I went to Warwick this morning to pick some fabrics for the Carmichael’s sofa, arm chairs, cushions and ottomans. That was just a tad bit fun. Whilst in Collingwood – I admit, a foreign land to me – I went to furniture store Mark Tuckey. Well, omg x 1000 (lol), what a little paradise that was. And really not too expensive which surprised me. They also do bespoke pieces, so when I find myself some real clients, or am ready to start acquiring my own furniture, Mark Tuckey will be high on the list.

Despite my dark, complaining intro, don’t you worry, all is well in my little design bubble!

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