Field Trip

The Field Trip artwork Beci Orpin created for the Jacky Winter Group. During Beci's presentation, she explained and demonstrated the creative process of designing this piece.

On Friday I checked out Field Trip. Not the kind of field trip you go on at Primary school to the CSIRO plant, but to ACMI at Fed Square to listen to a range of illustrators and photographers talk about their work. Field Trip was presented by the Jacky Winter Group, a creative agency representing some of Australia’s most impressive illustrators.

I didn’t really know what to expect, neither did my partner in crime from college, Alex. But we were pleasantly surprised and intrigued by this new world of illustration and graphics. Essentially, each of the seven artists who presented worked on a project as they spoke and took us on a (condensed) journey of how they go about tackling a project.

Jeremy,the charismatic ( and very spunky) head of the Jacky Winter group was especially crafty in the way he threaded the day together. Each presenter based their project around the previous presenter and/or their finished piece. So for example, during illustrator Jeremy Ley’s hour on the stage, he worked on a story board based on first presenter, Beci Orpin’s presentation.

Following? The premise of his story board, much like a comic strip was this; Beci presenting to us about how she went about designing the logo for Field Trip, Beci experiencing a computer glitch, Beci freaking out, the content of Beci’s screen climbing out the computer and attacking her. Random, weird, but it worked. Jeremy took us through the process of compiling this story board based on the story he’d created about Beci.

And so the day played out; illustrators, 21-19, Travis Price, Tin & Ed, Jo Duck (photographer) and finally Toby & Pete all related their project to the previous presenter.

Without going into too much detail about each person, I can say that it blows my mind how many routes you can take as a creative person. When you say, ‘I am a designer’, that can mean so many things. I’m realising it is important to find a niche, but also be open to many other mediums and disciplines as a rookie designer. There are an infinite opportunities. Excited much?

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