Production Week Wrap-Up

They’re clever at CATC. They know that by week 7 of term we’re crying out for a bit of a breather. The first round of assignments have been handed in and we’ve just been briefed on round 2 of 3. Times that by 5 subjects, which comes out at 15 assignments each trimester…. ah enough, one assignment at a time.

That’s why Production Week has been essential for me; to take stock of what needs to be done and not get in a tizz. It hasn’t helped that we’ve had unseasonally delightful weather this past week, although my brother (who sits opposite me in dad’s study working all day) and I have enjoyed our lunch breaks outside each day.

A typical Australian Federation exterior

I’m currently working on a Decorative styles assignment for which I have chosen the Shaker style, and Australian Federation(you must choose two). Australian Federation is a tricky one as not everyone seems to agree on its influence, defining features and even the time period. I have gathered though over the course of the day it is essentially the Edwardian style with some Australiana moftifs in the woodwork and a verandah tacked on. I also learnt about Australia’s Federation and about about King Edward VII, so quite an educational experience!

I’m also working on some a commercial fabric reccommendations for a client for my Product Knowledge class. This was supported by a class field trip (yes it did take me back to the day), to Warwick in Collingwood. What a mecca that was. They were so helpful and just yesterday I recieved my five samples in the mail.

Whilst in Collingwood I checkout out some vintage furniture stores and came accross some mid century furniture that could potentially work in the Carmichael’s residence; a fictional client who has commissioned me to update their living and dining rooms at their Flinder’s house. The shop owner even said ‘have a chat with your client and let me know if you have any questions, indicating he thought I was legit. Score.

Potential table for the Carmichaels dining room

Mid century arm chair

I’m hosting Easter lunch this Sunday and very much looking forward to my trip to the Vic Markets tomorrow morning to buy all the amazing food. I am thinking about my Easter table setting that no one but me will probably notice nor appreciate, but that’s not important! Its dying the eggs and setting everything up on Sunday that is the fun part. Most of my friends will be rolling their eyes by now.It actually has been a productive week, no doubt what they had in mind when they named it Production Week. Now I feel justified to get into the celebratory spirit, not before a quick jog around Albert Park with a good friend.

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