It’s a Jungle Out There

I find it so funny how one thing leads to another. Example; I checked out the website of textile designer and artist Beci Orpin, today because I was reading the Design Files Daily, which featured Nat Turnball.  The article read that Nat Turnball works on and off as Beci’s assistant. So I checked out Beci’s website, which led me to the Field Trip website, which is a conference at ACMI taking place in April (Beci Orpin is a panelist). Field Trip will feature a panel of speakers who come from a range of artistic backgrounds. So, I parted with my hard-earned (and scarce) student dollars, and am now going to Field Trip. An investment…

Once you delve, you get completely immersed; don’t even get me started on which brings together all the blogs you are following. Amazing, but my god, there’s so much to look at. But I have to keep myself in check, back to my school work….

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