Villa Kalliste

My mum and her fiance Vin live most of the year in Kaligata, Kefalonia, Greece. This is a bit random I will admit, especially as our family, neither Vin’s has no Greek heritage or connection. They simply went to a family wedding there about four years ago, fell in love with the island, kept going back and eventually bought a villa, Villa Millniana (yes you can rent it out), then a beautiful, isolated plot of land nearby in Klismata.

I visited them in Greece last June, with my nanny (grandmother). I was keen to see what the allure of the island was; it must be pretty special to take them from their five collective children for up to eight months of the year! And, it was. I was expecting big windmills, whitewashed houses with deep blue shutters, Mykonos-style, and so the more ‘Italian’-looking landscape surprised me. It is lush, the beaches are SPECTACULAR, even if you do have to walk/drive down a cliff face to get to them, the shopping is great, food delicious and people amazing. Mum and Vin are pretty much locals now, and it is funny to listen to them stumble their way through a Greek conversation. Even funnier to hear them of a morning in bed practising their Greek with each other. More than once during my stay I was introduced as mum’s ‘tree’ instead of daughter, or addressed as ‘he’.

Whilst there I visited the plot of land they recently bought, and the site of what is going to be the home of many special family gatherings and celebrations over the years. When I was there last June the concrete shell was in place, and so mum was able to take me up the stairs to see the amazing view of the ocean the master bedroom will have.

Unfortunately, since then I have not been there to help choose kitchens, colour schemes, landscaping and other intricate processes which would have really helped me with my study. However, I cannot wait to get there in late June this year to see what they’ve done.

This year, they are christening Villa Kalliste (meaning villa ‘Most Beautiful’) by hosting their wedding ceremony there in late June (fingers crossed it is finished). There will be around 50 friends and family flying in from all over the place as well as around 30 locals. It will be a Greeklish wedding, and as Maid of Honour I cannot wait to get over there to put help all the preparations in place. I will naturally be assuming the role of Fronk, and cannot wait. Table setting ideas, set up, lighting etc come to me at all times of the day (I now have a pad and pen next to my bed for mid-night pings of inspiration). I haven’t actually asked Mum and Vin if they would like any help, assumption reigns supreme….

2 responses to “Villa Kalliste

  1. Well what a wonderful article! Well done!

    The villa is much more advanced now as you would expect despite the worst winter in history! We still have snow on beautiful Mt. Ainos!

    The villa colours have been themed so that Villa Kalliste blends seamlessly and naturally into the landscape – a landscape dominated by the spectacular backdrop of Mt Ainos, the nearby island of Zante, olive groves, cypress pines, vineyards and wild flowers.

    We are approaching our fifth summer here and still we continually talk about the colours and beauty of the island as we go on our walks each day! We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place! Can’t wait for our Wedding party in June to share our new found treasure with our nearest and dearest!
    Love Mum and Vin xx

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